2018 Annual Congress of East Asia Nuclear Medicine Association
2018 Annual Meeting of The Society of Nuclear Medicine ,Taiwan (R.O.C)

November 17-19, 2018, Taipei, Taiwan
"A New Era for Nuclear Neuroimaging"
Date Nov.17 2018 (Sat.)
08:00~08:50 Registration
Room 1001 1002 1006
08:50~09:00 The 7th International Symposium On Taiwan Nuclear Cardiology Openning 2018 Annual Meeting, Taiwanese Society of Medical Cyclotron Openning  
09:00~09:30 Role of Molecular Imaging for Cardiology
Speaker: Nagara Tamaki
Moderator: Henry Bom、Wen-Sheng Huang
Clinical Applications of 18F-FLT and 18F-FCH
Speaker: Pan-Fu Kao
Moderator: Ruoh-Fang Yan
09:30~10:00 Cardiac PET: interventional physiology to guide PCI
Speaker: Nils Johnson
Moderator: Tzung-Dau Wang、Guang-Uei Hung
Imaging Cellular Proliferation by Using [Methyl-11C]-4’-Thiothymidine: Great Idea but Tough Reality
Speaker: Jun Toyohara
Moderator: Hsin-Ell Wang
10:00~10:30 Role of F-18 FDG PET/CT in the diagnosis of cardiac sarcoidosis
Speaker: Masao Miyagawa
Moderator: Kenichi Nakajima、Ya-Lei Niu
Development of Nuclear Cardiology PET Tracers
Speaker: Takahiro Higuchi
Moderator: Wen-Sheng Huang
10:30~10:50 Coffee break Coffee break
10:50~11:20 Artificial Intelligence: Is New Era Coming For Nuclear Cardiology
Speaker: Kenichi Nakajima
Moderator: Shu-Meng Cheng、Yen-Wen Wu
Regulatory Prospects for PET Tracer Production Using Hospital-based Cyclotron in Taiwan
Speaker: Shiaw-Pyng Wey
Moderator: Tong-Rong Jan
11:20~11:50 CFR By Quantitative Myocardial SPECT
Speaker: Felix Keng
Moderator: Lung-Ching Chen、Hue-Yong Chen
TSMC General Meeting
11:50~12:20 CFR by dynamic Tc-99m sestamibi and Tl-201 CZT-SPECT camera: NTUH and FEMH real world experience
Speaker: Yen-Wen Wu
Moderator: Yu-Ming Fan、Ruoh-Fang Yan
12:20~12:30 Closing Ceremony
12:40~13:30   Lunch Symposium:
Veriton, A New Design With Ring Type CZT-Whole Body Scanner
Speaker: Ronald Schoell
13:40~14:00 The 9th Cross-Strait Nuclear Medicine Conference Openning    
14:00~14:30 When a Nuc meets a Rad – About Yttrium-90 radioembolization, what do we learn from each other
Speakerer: Ko-Han Lin
Moderator: Sheng-Chieh Chan、Ya-Ming Li
14:30~15:00 Clinical application of cardiac FDG PET/CT: exploration and experience
Speaker: Min-Fu Yang
Moderator: Ching-Yuan Chen、Hui Wang
15:00~15:20 Coffee break
15:20-15:50 SPECT in Alzheimer’s disease
Speaker: Guang-Uei Hung
Moderator: Shih-Chuan Tsai、Hua Wu
15:50~16:20 Multi-tracer PET imaging in Primary brain tumors
Speaker: Xiang-Song Zhang
Moderator: Ming-Che Wu、Jian Wu
16:20~16:50 Nuclear Medicine in Cardiology – Taiwan CZT SPECT for myocardial perfusion imaging: NTUH experience
Speaker: Chi-Lun Ko
Moderator: Chih-Jie Shen、Min-Fu Yang
16:50~17:20 The clinical value using PET imaging to detect vulnerable plaque and CFR
Speaker: Li Li
Moderator: Chung-Huei Hsu、Wei Fan
17:20~17:30 Closing Ceremony
18:30 Welcome Gala
Opening Ceremony of 2018 Annual Meeting of EANMA & TSNM(The Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei)

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