2018 Annual Congress of East Asia Nuclear Medicine Association
2018 Annual Meeting of The Society of Nuclear Medicine ,Taiwan (R.O.C)

November 17-19, 2018, Taipei, Taiwan
"A New Era for Nuclear Neuroimaging"

Guang-Uei Hung, MD

Congress Chairperson,
Vice-president, Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital
Associate Professor, China Medical University

The Heart of East Asia: Taipei!

On behalf of East Asia Nuclear Medicine Association (EANMA) and Taiwan Nuclear Medicine Society, I am delighted to announce that the 1st EANMA Congress (EANMA2018) will take place in Taipei, Taiwan on November 17 to 19, 2018. The seven compositions of EANMA include the nuclear medicine societies of China, Japan, Korea, Hongkong, Macau, Mongolia and Taiwan. In the past, we shared and experienced the similar cultures and memories. Now, we are gathering together for fighting disease and helping people by using the beauties of Nuclear Medicine. Our hard working will contribute a more peaceful and healthy life to people in this area

The three main topics of EANMA2018 will be “Nuclear Cardiology, Neurology and Theranostics”. Special guests from United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, China and Singapore will present their valuable researches in keynote lectures. You will be surprised that these knowledge renew and experience exchange are so useful for you and you don’t need to travel so far away.

“Formosa”, a beautiful island in the Pacific, was the previous name of Taiwan. It was first called by Portuguese and then well known in the Europe since the 16th century. Geographically, Taiwan is located in the center of East Asia. With the advantage by the best healthcare system of the world, nuclear medicine has been well developed here. At the north tip of Taiwan Island, Taipei has warm weather, cheap cost and nice food, and is considered as one of the best cities for living in the world. During the best season for visiting Taipei in November, we are honored to host the EANMA2018 in the International Convention Center, Chang Yung-Fa Foundation, which is in the beautiful “Evergreen Maritime Museum”. Here we will welcome you with our warmest regards and you will never want to miss this wonderful event.

Cheng-Yi Cheng, MD, PhD

President, Society of Nuclear Medicine, Taiwan
Vice Superintendent, Tri-Service General Hospital
Dean, Professor, School of Medicine, National Defense Medical Center

Warmest Greetings from Society of Nuclear Medicine, Taiwan

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

On behalf of the Society of Nuclear Medicine, Taiwan and the organization committee of East Asia Nuclear Medicine Association (EANMA), it is our great pleasure and honor to invite you to Taipei to join the 1st EANMA Congress and 2018 Annual Meeting of our Society. The field of nuclear medicine is tremendously evolving worldwide in the past decades. In East Asia, collaborations crossing countries and regions facilitate the developing in nuclear medicine, especially in the nuclear cardiology and neurology. “Theranostics” in nuclear medicine practice is also tremendously growing, which can provide personalized, targeted diagnostic as well as therapeutic care to patients with across a wide spectrum of human diseases. The EANMA is an emerging international-cooperation association focusing in nuclear medicine development and innovation in East Asia. We believe by working together, we can greatly improve the quality in patient care as well as the scientific discovery in nuclear medicine.

Again, we warmly welcome you to this conference and look forward to your participation. Your presence will make this congress remarkably successful in all aspects of Nuclear Medicine.